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Aditya Physics Classes. NEET Coaching. Kurji, Buddha Colony, Punaichak, Patna. Best Physics Tuition in Kurji, Buddha Colony, Punaichak, Patna. Best Physics Classes for JEE(Main+Advanced)/in Kurji, Buddha Colony, Punaichak, Patna. No 1 Physics Tuition for 11,12, XIth, XIIth, and IIT in Kurji, Buddha Colony, Punaichak, Patna. Top Physics Classes for Medical Entrance Examination in Kurji, Buddha Colony, Punaichak, Patna. Famous Physics Coaching in Kurji, Buddha Colony, Punaichak, Patna. Physics Tutorial in Kurji, Buddha Colony, Punaichak, Patna. Physics Classes by Aditya Sir in Kurji, Buddha Colony, Punaichak, Patna.

Method of Teaching In Four Steps

01. Class Room Programme :
(I). XI & XIIth
(II). JEE(Mains)
(III). JEE(Advance)
02. Revision
03. Test-Service for XIIth
04. Test-Service for IIT-JEE(Mains, Advance) , NEET, AIIMS

Course Material

Our unique course material enable the students to excel both in the JEE Adv. As well as he 12th Board Exams. Since the course material covers a;; the fundamental and key concepts extensively, it supports preparation for all the other exams e.g. JEE(Adv.), BITSAT and other state engineering exams as well.

JEE (Mains & Adv...) Preparation: Our Approach

We follow the below mentioned approach towards preparing student for JEE Adv...

Building key Requirements:

We follow a three pronged approach at this stage. These three stages are mentioned below.

Quick and Accurate Problem Shoving Skills

The next stage is to help the student is solving problem, JEE Adv.. requires students to cleverly apply fundamentals to solve problems quickly and accurately. Our approach is of problem dissection into smaller fragments and tracking them in a Systematic manner which helps the students in solving the problems quickly and accurately.

Personal Attention and Doubt Session:

We understand this fact that every student is unique and he/she needs a special guidance in cracking the JEE Adv… Thus our facilities do not play the role of a teacher only but also the role of mentors as well. We also underscan the fact that every student has his/her own pace. Therefore, we conduct special doubt clearance sessions for the students. This helps indulging an equal level of understanding in every student.

Test Series

A from the regular practice test that we take at the beginning and the end of every topic, we also conduct module test at regular intervals and performance of each and every students is thoroughly analyzed after every such test. Six months before the JEE every students has to compulsorily take the FULL Length Test Covering the whole JEE Adv… syllabus to test their preparedness for the JEE Adv. Special feedback sessions of every student are conducted by our faculty.